What Does Kindness Mean To You?


The Regents Park Bouquet L


At the Hayford & Rhodes studio in Bermondsey, south London, we have a weekly visitors who always makes us smile.

Daniel*, 12, comes by our studio every week on his way home to school to ask for any spare flowers to give to his Mum. He’s been coming to see us for over a year, and our florists love his visits.

There’s also Stuart who comes in every Friday to buy a hand-tied, bespoke bouquet for his wife, and has been doing so without fail for over two years.

The World Kindness Movement has marked today as World Kindness Day for nearly 20 years: Non-political and non-religious, World Kindness Day is an inspiration for random acts of kindness like Daniel and Stuart above.

Sending flowers is one of the simplest ways to show your gratitude, appreciation and love to someone in your life.

If you’re a traditionalist, you’ll want to send roses. If you’re showing romantic love, stick to pinks and reds. Otherwise, yellow and orange roses signify friendship and platonic love. Our Regent’s Park Bouquet (pictured above) does the job rather wonderfully.

Freesias are symbolic of thoughtfulness, and our Patience Bouquet (below) is the perfect way to let someone know you’re thinking of them.


The Patience Bouquet - Landscape


Show thanks with one of Hayford & Rhodes signature flowers, the Hydrangea. Representing heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, the Immaculate Bouquet (pictured below) comprises of white Hydrangeas offset with dark green foliage.


The Immaculate Bouquet - Landscape


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*Not his real name.

Author: Alex Rees

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