We’ve BLOWN IT !

We were delighted when Homemaker magazine asked us to design a table decoration for Easter for their Make of the Month feature. We love the magazine and to have the opportunity to work on something crafty is always fun. Talk about ‘blowing’ things out of proportion… we took the theme to a whole new level. Gone are the days of eggs on sticks or inside a clear vase. Yawn! We wanted to do something pretty, quirky and original and we loved the finished result. We would also like to congratulate Allison who is now a master at egg blowing!!!!

It was a fantastic shoot and we look forward to working with Homemaker again in the future.

This delightful little display is fun and simple to do (although Allison might not agree), so flick through our HOW TO in true Wizard of Oz style fashion!

Author: Alex Rees

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