Secret Nuptials, first-hand tips from the pro!

Never one to conform or follow the crowds our very own Wedding Manager did what she does best and planned her big day.. in secret!! With a highly exclusive guest list of 11 family members, shock was fast replaced with sheer joy from the H&R team when Becca revealed all from her covert New Year’s Eve wedding.

We asked Becca for her number 1 tip on planning a secret wedding… 

‘Don’t sweat the small stuff. Liberated from all the usual wedding dramas my attention focused on the most important part of the day, the marriage. And the flowers, of course the flowers! I had to dig deep to refine my choice of blooms, Hellebore’s are a real winter gem, the depth and tone of colour makes this particular flower so special for the season and perfect for me’

Genevieve thank you for the incredible images and Becca & Chris… Congratulations!
(Ah hmm.., Becca, we’re expecting an invite to the post-wedding party!)

Author: Alex Rees

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